Altgeld Hall | Second floor, outside Room 250

Architecture Building | Main hallway, outside Room 117

Armory | Inside north door

Art + Design | Inside north entrance

Beckman Institute | Outside receiving room, next to elevator

Bevier Hall | North entrance, turn right, first hallway

Burrill Hall | Inside southwest entrance

Chemistry | Inside west entrance

Davenport Hall | Inside east entrance

David Kinley Hall | Inside east entrance, top of stairs

Electrical Engineering | Inside east entrance

Engineering Building | Inside west entrance

English Building | Inside east entrance

Everitt Lab | 306 N. Wright, west entrance, outside Room 1024

Foreign Language Building | Inside south entrance

Gregory Hall | Inside west entrance

Henry Administration Building | Inside west entrance

Huff Hall | Inside west entrance

Illini Hall | Inside east entrance

International Studies Building | Inside west entrance

Library and Information Science Building | Outside Room 112A

Lincoln Hall | Inside southeast entrance

Material Science Building | Inside south door

McKinley Health Center | Inside north door, left near stairs

Morrill Hall | Inside south entrance

Psychology Building | First floor, off elevator

Swanlund Administration Building | Basement, off elevator

Talbot Lab | Inside east entrance, top of stairs, to left

Temple Buell Hall | Inside south entrance

Turner Student Services Building | Inside main entrance

Vivarium Building | Main entrance

Wohlers Hall | Southwest entrance