From University of Illinois business cards to letterhead to labels, Document Services prints a wide variety of campus stationery and items that can be ordered and proofed online. All items comply with the Illinois Identity Standards and Document Services is the exclusive/sole provider.

Digital Letterhead

If you are looking to access your unit's digital letterhead, email: 

Business Cards

As the only approved provider of business cards for the Illinois campus, Document Services ensures every card is in full compliance with the university's identity standards. Specialty cards for departments and campus groups are also offered.

Business cards are printed in quantities of 100, 250, 500 and 1,000. Multiples of 500 are also offered. One card holder and one luggage tag are gifted at no charge with each order of 500 or more cards.  They can also be requested for a small fee.

Document Services can also print QR codes on the back of business cards as long as the code is submitted as a PDF with the order.

Letterheads and Blank Sheets

All letterhead must meet the university identity standards and must be printed on 20# bond paper with the university watermark. Blank second sheets with the university watermark are also available. For special, non-standard stationery layouts, departments must receive pre-approval from Public Affairs.


Envelopes for use with university letterhead are available in a variety of sizes:

  • #10 A Bond Envelopes with University Watermark Seal
  •  #10 White Wove Envelopes without University Watermark Seal
  •  #10 Airmail Envelopes
  • #10 Window Envelopes
  • #9 Courtesy Return Envelopes

We can also print on a variety of smaller envelopes for invitations and announcements, as well as larger catalog, booklet and business-reply envelopes.


If you need professional invitations for your next campus event, look no further than Document Services. Custom invitations can be printed in color or black and white in any quantity you need. We recommend 80# Cougar cover in Natural or White and 80# Classic Linen cover in Natural or Avon Brilliant White.


Single cards — standard sizes:

  • 5 ½” x 4 ¼”
  • 6 ¼” x 4 ½”
  • 5” x 7”

Folded note cards — standard sizes:

  • Flat size of 5 ½” x 8 ½” folding to 5 ½” x 4 ¼”
  • Flat size of 6 ¼” x 9” folding to 6 ¼” x 4 ½"
  • Flat size of 7” x 10” folding to 5” x 7”

Envelopes are also available in matching stocks and can be ordered blank or custom printed with a return address. Please allow 5-7 working days for printed envelopes. Specialty envelopes can be ordered, but will add to production turnaround times and ordering costs.


  • #4 Baronial: 3 ⅝" x 5 ⅛", available in Cougar white or natural (most commonly used for reply cards)
  • A-2 Announcement envelopes: 4 ⅜" x 5 ¾", available in Cougar or Classic Linen
  • A-6 Announcement envelopes: 4 ¾" x 6 ½", available in Cougar or Classic Linen
  • A-7 Announcement envelopes: 5 ¼" x 7 ¼", available in Cougar or Classic Linen


Document Services can produce mailing labels on 60# pressure-sensitive stock. Labels are available in quantities of 500 as single 5 ½" x 4 ¼" labels, or 100-sheet increments of 4-up laser labels on 8 ½" by 11" stock.

Stationery Memo Pads

Stationery memo pads are made with 5 ½ by 4 ¼ inch sheets. They have the same header as the stationery and can be purchased in sets of 10 pads of 50, 5 pads of 100 or 500 loose sheets.

Stationery Note Heads

Stationery note heads are made with 5 ½ by 8 ½ inch sheets. They can be ordered in groups of 10 pads of 50 sheets, 5 pads of 100 sheets or 500 loose sheets.